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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a sacred multidimensional energy that guides the Lady Nada ceremony. The Lady Nada ceremony is a ceremony initiating you into the blissful energy of the Divine Mother.

The loving energy of the Divine Mother is very subtle and soft, yet great. For millennia She has been on the back-burner on Earth and therefore might feel foreign to you. You can, however, tune into Her energy through the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. 

The Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is an energy that ‘calls’ to you. You feel yourself drawn into curiosity and excitement with this plant and the Lady Nada ceremony.

History of
Baby Woodrose

In recent history there is no known public record of the ritual use of the Woodrose. In the past 12.000 years the masculine energy has been dominant and therefore didn't give much room for the appropriate ritual use of the Woodrose. Times are changing and we are now ready to start receiving the abundantly soft & loving energy of the Divine Mother.

In Mu (the spiritual part of Lemuria)  the Woodrose was ritually used in the Temples of Rejuvenation. Priestesses and students had a sacred  ceremony with the Woodrose as part of their final initiation into the Temples. 

About 20 years before the downfall of Lemuria the priestesses stopped their Woodrose rituals because the Atlantians wanted to use Her. The knowledge of the ceremony and access to the energy was then hidden by the high priestesses. 

Now that the Aquarius age is here we can once again embrace and work with the energies of the Mother Goddess. The energy of the Woodrose has been 'set free' to be used again ceremonially . 

More and more people feel called by the Divine Mother to work with her and by the Woodrose who gives access to Her. Previous lives in Lemuria can make the Woodrose particularly appealing. 

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose is a subtropical plant with its own multidimensional energy on which one can broaden their consciousness by eating several seeds. The energy of the Woodrose is received in the womb of the subtle body. Both men and women can therefore receive Her energy when they are ready.

The Woodrose is a portal into the experience of the greatness of the Mother Goddess. The Lady Nada ceremony in other words is an activation of the Divine Feminine energy within yourself. The initiation is no longer part of a path into Temple life but part of your own personal road of Self actualization. The Woodrose gives you access to a life lived from the wisdom of the heart.

 Let love guide your way

The Lady Nada ceremony with the Woodrose takes one or two days, depending on your specific need. With the first day and night focused on working with the elements of Gaia, freeing your inner child and connecting to the Mother Goddess. The second day will further prepare you for the Woodrose initiation during the night. 


Do you feel attracted to this ceremony? Feel free to read more about the Woodrose and the ceremony  or contact Silke.

On Instagram you can find stories and visuals of ceremonies held. 

“The initiation…. [is] to move through another reality to conquer it and transmute it – is to be faced with these energies and entities that seemingly are of incredible darkness and to understand that they are coming to merge with you because they are you.”

Pleiadians in ‘Bringers of the Dawn’

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