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Lady of Flowers

Who am I?

This is one of the big questions (if not the only one) we are to answer when we come into this world of Gaia. I used to have the distinct roles of university teacherpedagogueathlete (among others like daughter, sister, friend, yogi). 

I'm now just a woman, a lady, who has the joy to play with flowers. And I will share with you a little bit about why I love to play with flowers so much. 



It took me a little while, around 30 years I would guess, before I started seeing my own sensitivity, my softness as an attribute. Softness as a quality to be appreciated and nurtured. And still every day (I'm now 36 years old) I'm learning how exactly to embody this softness in a society that seems based on very different qualities. 

And it's exactly this softness in flowers I love so much. Their delicate petals, insects attracting fragrance and temporary nature are all part of their grace.


Who doesn't like the beauty of flowers? 

As a student with ample money I used to buy fresh, seasonal flowers to put on display in the shared living room of my student flat. Coming home to the sight of flowers, to the sight of beauty through color and geometry, is something I wish for everyone. Because flowers have us something to tell. Each flower has a different energy, a distinct emotion and message to share. And I invite you to look deeper into this beauty of flowers. 

Pink Flower Bloom
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