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Inner Bliss yoga

Inner Bliss yoga focuses on the inner world of the yogi and the establishment of a connection with the Universal Love within. Compared to much yoga practices in the West that focus on the physical body and what happens on the outside Inner Bliss yoga invites you to surrender and go inward.  

The Inner Bliss yoga ateliers are a space and practice of co creation that begins and ends with the all penetrating energy of Shakti. During these yoga ateliers the yogi realizes its own eternal nature of unconditional Love. 


Mahamantra yoga

The first level on which energy is manifested in the world is through sound. So by just listening to music, perceiving specific sounds, the Mother (or any other energy) can be directly experienced.  By creating sounds, through the singing of vowels (= nada yoga) and mantras (= kirtana) the yogi creates and feels the soft energy of Love within. 



Each yoga atelier is centered around 

a different image of the Divine Mother (eg. Inanna or Demeter). By hearing the stories (lilas) of the goddess

specific themes and qualities come into light for the yogi to recognize within. Each image in other words gives a different nuance to the energy of Love to embrace.



During the atelier chanting is alternated with both dynamic and static (yin-style) asanas (postures). All this prepares you for a deep meditation in which the inner Shakti can be experienced.

This meditation at the end of the atelier is supported by calming pranayama (breathing) exercises.  

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