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Beautiful woman,

From the unconditional Love and pure Bliss of the Divine Mother I may invite you for an initiating ceremony with the Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and Her energy. When you feel yourself ready for the next level of spiritual development, you will feel yourself called to this initiation. You will be reborn into the Truth of Love.

Are you highly sensitive and do you feel you're not accessing your full potential?

You've already made your sensitivity into your strength and know how to follow your intuition. That's how you found the Woodrose. You have a pretty good idea about what your heart is telling you and it's telling you to go deeper. To find that huge hidden potential in yourself. To go further and find those hidden gems in your creative womb. The energy of the Woodrose will help you access this potential in you.

Do you want to live your life from Love?

For you to live your life from Love you have to become Love. And you will get there by completely surrendering to the energy of the Woodrose . She is tender like a lover but will touch you deep in your gut. Her Love will dredge up all that is not Love, for you to be seen and transformed. All the reasons you think you are not worthy of Love will come up during the Lady Nada ceremony. Why you believe you are not good enough.

But you are good, you are perfect, you are Love and the Woodrose will help you experience all of this. 

Are you ready to activate your multidimensional awareness?

We are multidimensional beings, even scientist agree to this. But knowing what we are and actually experiencing this ourselves can be two completely different things.  As human beings we have a unique access to all the elements of creation within ourselves. We are divinity incarnated! However, we seem to have forgotten some of our divine powers. These parts of you have yet to come through the veil.

The Woodrose supports you in fully embodying the divine on Earth and bring down your divine powers. She actives your quantum field for this. 

The Lady Nada cermony with the Woodrose, in short, will change you beyond recognition.


What does the Lady Nada ceremony look like?

What to expect during the ceremony?

The Lady Nada Ceremony takes either 24 or 60 hours, depending on weither you choose a 1-day or 2-day ceremony.  The ceremony can be held at either of the locations Silke works (the island of Sao Miguel, Azores or in the south of the Netherlands).

The first day we work with the elements, do shadow work and in the night you astral travel to the temple of the Mother Goddess.

The second day we will connect with your personal goddess deity through Inner Bliss yoga and further prepare you to continue your journey in the night with the Woodrose.


Leading up to the Lady Nada ceremony you will receive diet and meditation instructions for the two weeks prior to the ceremony. During the ceremony you will be fasting. 

Completely surrendering yourself to the energy of the Woodrose and the guidance of the Mother is the important step for you to take. As soon as you fully trust and relax into both yourself and the Woodrose, your magical journey begins. When you have not taken this step completely the Woodrose might make you feel a little nauseous. As soon as you let go and relax deeper into the experience, this feeling will pass. 


The presence of the energy of the Woodrose is felt between three to four hours. After this it takes at least four more hours, depending on your sensitivity, for you to further receive the energy on all dimensional layers. You will be sleeping when this happens so you can expect some wild dreams. 

The Lady Nada ceremony is an initiation and the beginning of a deep and sometimes subtle process of transformation. This process will start the moment you decide to answer the call for this initiation from the Mother and will continue long after the ceremony.

Are you ready to start your journey
with the Woodrose?

When you feel called to the Woodrose and feel the Lady Nada ceremony is for you,

book your free intake call with Silke.

Also if you are interested and want to know more about Silke or the Woodrose make an appointment for free and discover if the Lady Nada ceremony is for you.

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