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Lady of Flowers

Celebrating love & beauty on Earth

Inviting you to #betheLover
Next level awakening of consciousness


No One to be

No Mission

After what the Buddhist call the fourth initiation, the renunciation of the soul, I had to piece together who I AM and what I am to do. 

Only 'by accident' did I receive this initiation while being in deep communion with the Divine Mother for several months. One magical ceremony seems to have invited the Mother into my sacred heart and changed me beyond recognition. 

I'm now completely free. The souls mission I had been working on was cancelled (by the Nine Councils of this Universe). I don't have to be anyone, I no longer have to do anything. In other words there is no longer any concept of 'me' I have to uphold.

Uniting with the Mother has brought in the path of  "Be the Lover". 

I intent to live life everyday from the Divine Love that flows through us all. This Love has no purpose, does want to achieve or fix anything.  This is, of course, no small feat and I continue to learn to embody Love every day.

"When you dwell in the consciousness of Love an let Love guide you, you will never go wrong and will have attained  the I AM consciousness."


 I co-create with other beautiful women so their consciousness can transform from the personal & human to the cosmic & divine. My work is always guided by the Divine Mother and the Divine Father, embedded by Gaia,  in the service of the highest good for all.

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