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Temple of Love

In the Temple of Love Silke invites you to the path of radical Love. In ceremony and (group-) healings you will grow your capacity to receive Love. You start to discover those parts within you that you reject. Those aspects of your life that deserve your tender love and care. You will discover the only way to start loving unconditionally (both yourself and those around you) by seeing all for what it truely is. You'll open your eyes to see what your life can be and you will start to use your power to change it to your knowing. 

Energy Healing

Voice Sound healing

Energy is the foundation of our very existence and through the vibrations of sound your being can be altered. In a Voice Sound healing blocked energies  or parts of you that want to be heard, are expressed through the voice of Silke. The ligtdrum brings you in a meditative state and the setting made by Silke creates a deeply healing interpersonal resonance. 

Starting with your intention and with the support of the DNA Ankh, your soul will activate the qualities that support your current life situation.

Voice soundhealings are given at Zero Point in Breda and take around 75 - 90 minutes. Costs €90,-

"What an extraordinary experience to receive a voice soundhealing from Silke..... I was surprised to feel my intention become reality the day after our session.... Definitely recommend!"                   

                               Jolanda - Praktijk Dierenvreugde

Love dredges up all that is not Love.
To be seen and transformed.

On Mothers Lap (1).png

Sitting on Mothers Lap

The way we experience the world and the way we look at ourselves and those we live & work with. Most, if not all of our limiting behavior patterns have their origin within our first 1000 days on earth.

As a very young child we needed to connect with our environment and tried to regulate our needs & emotions. 

Because of a lack of appropiate support we were not always as succesfull and have stored these negative experiences deep within ourselves.

Going back to the energy of these past experiences to try to transform them into your streghts is known as shadow work, schema therapy or innerchild work.

Silke co-creates a warm, safe space for you to start listening to your inner child. Being in the warm embrace of (your) Mother you will have the courage to start your transformational journey.

These group healings are offered in both Dutch & English, please check for the appropiate dates. We use the quiet location of House of You in Dongen.

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