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The Flowers of Venus celebration is a monthly (online) meeting for flower lovers in which a time and space is created to honor and celebrate the beauty of flowers.



During the celebration we will first connect with each other before we start connecting with the energies of Venus through a guided meditation. Lady Nada will guide us to the flower of the month. There we can commune deeply with the flower, receive its message and its beauty.

After, in our sharing circle, we will celebrate the flower by expressing our experiences with her. 

Anyone with an interest in flowers can participate in this online meeting. Experience with (guided) meditation is helpful but  not necassary. 


Floriography, or the language of flowers, can be seen as an almost forgotten way of communicating emotions through the use of flowers. In Japan this practice is still alive and is called Hanakotoba.

Now before we can communicate our emotions with others we have to connect to the flowers themselves and discover what it is these flowers actually have to say.

Together we create our own up-to-date dictionary of flower meanings. 

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